Friday, September 29, 2017

Getting Paid to Buy

Lately, I've notice that more merchants have been sending free money to spend in their stores.   A couple of years ago, it was only new restaurants that did it to get trial.  Then Chick-Fil-A started send out coupons for free products periodically.  A while ago, Kroger started offering a coupon for a specific free product each week.   Since I go to Kroger or pass by Chick-Fil-A several times a month, it was easy to use the coupons.

At first, most free products were less that $5.  Then last year, I started getting $10 off coupons (for any total purchase on $10 or more) from Staples on a weekly basis, which has since stopped.  Recently, I received in the mail a $10 gift card and $5 gift card from Lowe's and Target respectively, that have no restriction.  Essentially, it was cash that could only be spent in their stores.

Since I live within  2-3 miles of all these stores, it easy for me to go there and make a purchase even if is an additional stop.  Usually, there is something I can use even though I may not need it immediately.

A question is why I am getting these new gift card like coupons.   I don't really know.  In one case, I am a member of the rewards card; in another, I have the store credit card; and on the last one, I have no relationship other than being within 2 miles.

Maybe it's just because I'm retired an have the time to take advantage of these offers

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