Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Best Reason for Being Bearish

Is it because the market overpriced?  No.  Is it because of geopolitical turmoil, aka North Korea?   No.  Is it because the Fed raising interest rates?  No.  Is it because of issues from natural disasters?  No.   Is it because of  the lack of congressional action?  No. Is it because Donald Trump?  No.

According to Merrill Lynch "the best reason to be bearish is. . .there is no reason to be bearish."  Their point being that the current market advance continues to look great so beware.

However, it seems to me that most people are already bearish: here and here.  I guess all the other reasons, which most investors seem to be worried about,  aren't leading to a bear market, so Merrill had to make the contrarian case.

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