Monday, August 27, 2018

Sticking to the Investment Plan

Staying invested since the end of January 2018 has been tough.   The correction was longer than average, there was a lot of geopolitical concerns, and there were growing legal issues for the Trump administration.  During that time, the market was a roller coaster, with seemingly more dips that rises.   It was hard, but I bought cautiously during the dips, even when the market kept going lower.

Now that the correction is officially over (as of last Friday), all the anxiety and commitment has paid off.  We've increased our investments in equities by around 25%.  Most of the increase was adding to current positions, but I did initiate some new positions.     With the recovery, most of the purchases now have positive gains.  A few, like TWTR and IQ, are still below my average purchase price.  However, I do expect these to recover in the next few months.

My forecast for the S&P index is that is will be up 10% from Friday's close before 2019.  My plan, at this time, is to maintain about the same level of investment through the end of the year.

Disclosure:  We own share of TWTR and IQ at the time of posting.

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