Thursday, March 25, 2021

Wall Street Bets Fun

Since January, 2021, I've been following the Wall Street Bets crowd on Reddit.  Here is a link to the thread: Wall Street Bets.  The group is young,  bold, irreverent, and self deprecating.  They make millions sometimes; they lose hundreds of thousands other times.

I've enjoyed reading their thread on a daily basis and have traded/invested in some of their ideas. Regretting Buying Bubble Stocks.   It's been a roller coaster.  I've had some big wins and a few no go's, but no big losses... yet.   Overall, it's been fun and exciting.

My one "complaint" is I feel the need to watch the Wall Street Bets stocks, since they are very volatile.   Probably not for me in the long term, but great for pandemic entertainment.

Disclosure:  We own the meme stocks GME, AMC, EXPR, BB, KOSS, and NOK.   We owned and sold SKT for a profit.   We traded calls in SKT, EXPR and AMC and traded puts in AMC and EXPR.  Overall, we are probably breakeven to slightly positive on our trades.

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