Saturday, July 31, 2021

Advanced Child Tax Credit Issues I'm Having

I just found out from the Manage Your Payment Portal that our Advance Child Tax Credit Payment is being deposited to someone else's bank account, even though our bank account is listed correctly to Portal.

The bank deposit error itself is extremely concerning.  Here are the other reasons I am very upset:
  • The IRS would not assist on the phone when I had questions about not receiving a payment.  They required me to sign up with the Manage Your Payment Portal, which took me two days to do since I am not tech savvy and do not have a smart phone.
  • This is the weekend, and no one can help me with correcting this incorrect payment issue via phone.  I could unenroll us from the program, but it requires my spouse to sign up for the Manage Your Payment Portal also.
  • I would not have requested receiving Advance Child Tax Credit Payments.  They advance payments were automatic and one had to opt out via the Manage Your Payment Portal.
  • I will now have to deal with the IRS to correct THEIR issue.
  • The IRS may contest my 2020 Child Tax Credit claim due to THEIR mistake.
I should be compensated for the pain a suffering I will experience to correct this issue :-)

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