Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inexpensive Fall Activities With Our Three Year Old

Now that our daughter is three, it seems there are many more activities in which we can involve her. Here are some of the inexpensive fun activities in which she has been able to participate this fall:

Pumpkin decorating. Throughout October, we painted several pumpkins and carved one, in preparation for Halloween. The painted ones lasted quite a while, providing a great decoration for our family room.

Movie screening. We received passes to the Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. After seeing the trailer, we thought is would be an excellent first movie for her. It was a great G rated movie that she enjoyed. And it had a great lesson, which I enjoyed.

Holiday light show. Because of one of our memberships, we have free admission to an elaborate holiday light show in our area. This year our daughter was much more interested in and appreciative of the decorations. I think we'll be going back to this one several times this year:-)

Raking leaves. Every fall, we have a large amount of leaves to rake, mulch and compost. This year, our daughter joined us for the raking part and had tremendous fun playing in the piles. It made doing yard work much more fun :-)

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Photo Credit:, Mary R. Vogt
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I'm always looking for ways to spend quality time with the family.

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