Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to the Tyranny of a Schedule - For a Short Time

When I retired in my forties in 2007, I turned in my Blackberry and decided to live without a electronic calendar or cell phone. I wanted to get away from having every minute scheduled and always being connected. It was great for 11 months. However, for the next two months (September and October, 2008), I will once again be subject to the tyranny of a schedule.

I must admit that I created my own problem by taking two 3 hour classes four days a week. From Monday through Thursday, I have a three hour class in the morning and a three hour class in the evening. In between, I try to get some of my personal projects, homework, and family events completed.

One reason for the high number of classes is the seasonal part time work to which I have applied again. The company offers classes from August to October that allow me to increase my certification level. For the fun of it :-), I am attempting to advance six levels before they rehire me.

The second reason is that I was given a retraining allowance when I retired. I am trying to make use of this benefit as I investigate options for a next phase career. Since the allowance expires in about a year, I'd like to take most of the courses while I can still be reimbursed.

For now, my days seem similar to my previous work routine. I'm getting up early, driving during rush hour, going to 6 hours of classes, doing additional work at home, and being evaluated. I'm using an Excel calendar template to keep track of all my commitments. However, it's voluntary and I'm enjoying all the classes so far. Best of all, the extremely busy schedule and calendaring is only for two months. I hope :-)

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