Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hypermiling - Four Month Results

When I wrote about trying to increase gas mileage through hypermiling, I was excited about the possibility of gaining about 10% or more in gas mileage. While I didn't track my gas mileage rigorously, I recall getting about 19 mpg when commuting for work. My results with hypermiling have been less than stellar, with an average of 17.25 mpg since May, 2008.

Although disappointed, I think I can explain the reason for the decrease in mpg. While working, over half of my driving miles were on the highway, with at least 100 highway miles per week. Since retiring in my forties in 2007, I drive mostly city miles, with an average one way distance of less than 5 miles. Thus, I've lost the benefit of highway miles, and the engine warming up to maximum efficiency.

My biggest savings has been just driving less. Since my spouse's car has the child car seat, we use her car for all family outings. Without a commute, I am driving much fewer miles in total and spending much less on gas. From May, 2008 to the through August 2008, I have driven only 824 miles, with total gasoline purchases of $186. Thus in four months, I've done the equivalent of one month's driving when I was working.

I will continue to use the basic elements of hypermiling (e.g., accelerate slowly, coast when stopping is likely), but I'm not going to worry too much about increasing gas mileage for my vehicle. While hypermiling may help a little bit, driving less will be the major savings for me.

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