Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Reality Check Helps

Approaches to financial independence often involve setting a goal, developing a plan and executing against the plan. One aspect that I think is often missed is that of a reality check. Specifically, will achieving the goal allow one to have the level financial independence desired?

In my experience, reality checks are hard to do without a third party. Self executed reality checks may be overly optimistic, miss flaws, or rationalize potential issues. Here's where a good professional financial advisor can help by taking someone through the analysis of whether a plan is sufficient. In our case, I consulted with our financial advisor four times over two years to analyze and re-analyze our financial readiness for retirement.

Here are some of the reasons that I had confidence in analysis by our financial advisor:
  • Experience. I was working with a team where the senior financial advisor had over 25 years of experience and other members had over 10 years. Their clients were primarily from the company where I worked, and had a wide range of incomes, both above and below mine.
  • Satisfied retired clients. They provided me with a list of clients from which I could people with whom to talk. I knew several of the people on the list and learned that they were very satisfied with their income during retirement.
  • Benchmarking ability. Since they worked with numerous clients, they were able to compare our financial situation with others who were successful and some that needed to revise retirement goals.
  • Of course, there are never any guarantees. However, having a third party reality check helped us to better understand our financial situation and enabled us to take an opportunity to retire in our forties.

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    This is not financial or retirement advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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    Anonymous said...

    Another reason for getting a third party involved might be that you're not too optimistic but too unrealistic and hard on yourself. Sometimes we set our goals too high making them unachievable.

    If I were to say I want to be a billionaire before I die then this would be a lofty goal but theoretically an achievable one. But if I turned around and said I wanted to be a billionaire by the time I'm 40 then this would be a lot more challenging since I've got less than 9 years left.

    With all of this said you can still give yourself a bit of a reality check every now and then. Most of the time we've got a good idea of where things really stand.