Friday, December 12, 2008

Older and Slower

I prefer the concepts of "older and wiser," or "older and better." However, based on my experience there are also a few elements that are "older and slower." Recently, I've noticed that it seems to take longer to get things done, for both physical and mental activities. A couple examples that I've noticed recently are:
  • Handling routine tasks. For me, it's fixing things around the house. The number of items that need fixing seem to grow faster than I can resolve them. Since we live in a much newer house that our previous 90 year old dwelling, I don't think the issues are happening faster than before.

  • Finishing lower priority tasks. I've been intending to reorganize and clean up a couple of work areas in the house. It's been several months, and I've still not completed the doing the task. There just seems to be too many other things to do .

  • I expect to see more examples of "older and slower," as part of the natural process of aging. For the area of personal finances, I'm trying to address the process through a solution of simplification through consolidation of financial accounts . If I'm not as fast in the future, I can consciously reduce the number of items requiring effort, and, hopefully, keep the overall time involved in the task from increasing.

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