Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Story of Two Envelopes

There once was a great company, which fell on hard times due to an economic downturn. The CEO was ousted by the board and a new CEO was elected. The outgoing CEO wished the new CEO luck, and offered the new CEO two numbered envelopes advising, "When you have a crisis you can't solve, open these envelopes in order."

The new CEO turned the company around and had several good years. However, soon afterwards the company had a crisis, that couldn't be solve quickly. The new CEO's job was at risk, and then he remembered the advice from the previous CEO. He found the envelopes and opened the first one. Inside, there was a note," Blame it on your predecessor."

The CEO immediately called a press conference and blamed the woes of the company on his predecessor. The CEOs job was saved. The company recovered and returned to prosperity. The CEO was elected Business Leader of the Year. The CEO made a mental to open the second envelope when needed in the future.

After couple more good years, an economic downturn occurred again. Once again the company's fortunes turned for the worse and their was talk of replacing the CEO. Remembering how the first envelope had saved his career, the CEO opened the second envelope with great hope.

In it was another short note, " Make two envelopes."

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Photo Credit:, Jane M. Sawyer

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