Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Summer Activities for our Four Year Old

Since we are trying to cut back on expenses this year, we are looking for more free activities in which our 4-1/2 year old daughter can participate during the summer. Of course, there are always the local playgrounds and play dates with friends. However, we are also looking for additional organized activities and programs. Here are the options that I have found in our area:
  • Matinee movies. Regal Theatres are once again offering their Free Family Film Festival, at 10AM on Tuesday and Wednesday from June 9, 2009 to August 5, 2009. For locations and listings see the Free Family Film Festival site.

  • Public library. Our county library system offers story time, educational, and entertainment programs for children during the summer. The closest branch mainly has story time programs with an occasional educational presentation.

  • Parks. Our county park system offers a number of free programs related to nature, such as hikes, naturalist talks, and craft activities. Each park has at least one free children's program each week, offering a lot of options from which to choose.

    In addition, I have become a volunteer which has the perk making programs with charges free once I reach a target number of work hours. Since I just started volunteering, I hope to reach the target hours by the end of June. Also, if I volunteer as a campground assistant, the family gets to camp free with me during that week.

  • Banks. Our bank has an annual summer festival, movie nights, and story telling programs. As a regular customer, I often get a personal reminder about the upcoming events.

  • Church. Our church offers bible school that is free. Our daughter is now old enough to attend for this summer. The session is a morning class for one week.
  • Last year, we put our daughter in day camps, such as art, music, and nature. This year, we will continue to do the day camps in which she had the most interest and fun. The free activities will offer some great options for the times she isn't registered for camps.

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