Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fact Checked by a Five Year Old's Network

Prior to my daughter's fifth birthday, I explained to her that turning five meant there would be higher expectations and she would have more responsibility. In fact, I jokingly told her, that she would be given a five year old rulebook, which she would need to follow.

At first, she resisted by saying no. After I explained she couldn't say "no," she told me that since she wouldn't be able to use a rulebook, since she couldn't yet read. In response, I explained that learning to read was the first rule. For several months, our daughter would come up with a clever reason for not getting a rulebook, and I would respond with a counterpoint that negated the reason.

Then she got me.

One day, she informed me that she had checked will her friends that turned five on whether they had received a five year old rulebook. She reported that the answer was a unanimous no, and therefore, there was no such thing as a five year old rule book. Busted, and what could I do? I admitted there was currently no five year old rulebook. ( I wonder when it was eliminated :-)

Daughter: 1 Daddy: 0

Next year, I need to prepare better and ensure all her friends get a six year old rulebook ....

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