Saturday, December 19, 2009

Should we buy a golf car?

Since writing Tax Credits for Golf Carts - Another Unintended Consequence?, I thought about whether it would be worth buying a street legal golf cart for local trips, if the cost were free. However, even with the tax credit, we can't justify owning a golf car. Here are the reasons for not buying a street legal golf cart:

  • Limited opportunities to use. The main road connecting to our neighborhood has a speed limit of 40mph, making it difficult to drive a golf cart (with a maximum 25mph speed) on the main roads to nearby shopping.

  • Ongoing yearly expenses. While the tax credit may make the purchase free, there are still yearly costs of maintenance, license plates, and liability insurance.

  • We don't need a third vehicle. I am a proponent of buying only what we need. Even though it might be almost free, we really do not need a third vehicle for a two driver family.
  • Thus, we are once again saved from spending due to a stimulus credit, the others avoided being the home buyer's credit and the cash for clunker's credit.

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    1 comment:

    Funny about Money said...

    LOL! Imagine what my fellow homicidal drivers on the streets of Phoenix would think of that!

    Out in the Sun Cities, people actually do use these things to get around. They save a lot on gas. Speed limits in the residential areas are low enough that it's reasonably safe to use them. And because the area is now so built-up, there's a lot of commerce you can drive to in a golf cart.

    But in any normal area, it would be terribly dangerous. Too bad we define normalcy like that, eh?