Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recession Silver Linings

Although the recession has been tough, there have been some expected and unexpected benefits. Here are a couple that I've seen:

As might be expected, prices for many things seem to be getting lower. I've personally noticed and taken advantage of off peak dinner deals and happy hour beer prices lower than in a store. Similarly, lower housing prices were also predicted. Housing Affordability Hovers Near Record-High Level for Third Consecutive Quarter reports that housing affordability is at the highest levels since the index was started 18 years ago.

However, this societal benefit was unexpected. Recession’s good news: Cities see burglaries fall by the Associated Press at reports how burglaries have have fallen by 15 to 25% in many cities, a surprising outcome given the state of the economy. The article speculates the reason may be related to the job loss during the recession. More people are at home now during the day, creating less opportunities for a burglar and providing more neighborhood watchers during working hours.

As the recovery continues, it is likely the benefits will disappear. So I'm going to try to enjoy them before the recession silver linings go away.

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