Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Financial Project List

When I unretired in 2011, I put a number of projects on hold.  Now that I am a week away from complete retirement again (zero jobs, including part time ones), I'm refocusing on financial projects that need attention in 2012.   Here is my short, but important list.
  • Complete 2011 tax returns.   I've completed a rough draft of the 2011 tax returns so that I could file for an extension.  We are getting a really big refund this year so it would be good to complete the return soon, before the federal government goes broke  :-)    Seriously, I am targeting to complete the return by mid June.  For reference, our refund will be equal to 2.5 times our monthly retirement expenses  

  • Complete distribution of my parents' estate.   My mom passed away in 2011, almost five years after my dad passed away.   My parents had put their assets into revocable living trusts, which I'm learning may make managing the estate a simpler process.   I hope to complete the process by September 2012.

  • Complete a low maintenance investment plan.  Since June 2011, I've kept most of our investable assets in cash and CDs.   In the next six months, I want to develop a low maintenance investment  plan that consists of an income portion, growth portion and speculative portion.  My initial thinking is to divide our investable assets in a 40-50% income portion, and 30-40% growth portion, and a 10-30% speculative portion.   Target completion is October 2012.

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