Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recognizing a Losing Stock Trade

Trading stocks means identifying stocks that can be a profitable trade and then making a buy/sell transaction.  Inevitably, some stocks will not perform as expected and result in a loss.  Often it is hard to sell a stock at a loss, especially since it was expected to be a gain.  An active stock trader shared with me some four letter words that indicate a stock position is likely to continue to be a loss.
  • Hope.  "I hope the stock gets back to my purchase price."  or "I hope the company news gets better."  Hoping doesn't make good things happen in stock trading.  Usually, it takes a good plan and good execution.   This includes deciding when to cut one's losses.

  • Can't.  "The stock can't go any lower."    The only hard bottom for a stock is zero.   Above that, a downward trending stock can, and probably will, go lower.

  • Must.  "The stock price must be near the bottom."  See Can't.

  • Pray.  "I pray the stock price will go up again."  Asking for a miracle is not a good stock trading strategy.
  • Combinations of these four letter words are only a stronger indication of a dire situation.   For example, "I hope and pray the stock will get back to my purchase price" probably means it definitely is time to sell to prevent any further losses.

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    Phone Bill Cut said...

    Nice post. Sometimes it seems better to go ahead and watch it hit bottom if it's already dropped "so far"... but not always the wisest option.