Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Wealth Builder Carnival #89

Welcome to the eighty-ninth edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival. The purpose of this carnival is to collect articles from the blogosphere on building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. For reference, I have tried to keep the carnival content tightly focused on wealth building and did not include submissions that were off topic. For reading convenience, the posts are listed with a brief summary or comment by the submitter and organized into seven categories: Earning, Insuring and Protecting, Investing, Living Frugally, Retiring, Saving and Taxes.

And now on to the Carnival.


Super Saver presents Escape Velocity Aids Wealth Building posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, "Here are some income sources that helped me achieve escape velocity."

Insuring and Protecting

Jason P. presents Why Is Life Insurance Important for My Family? posted at One Money Design, saying, "Years ago something important happened in my life. I got married and it caused me to get serious about my finances. Getting life insurance was one of the top things on my list."


Vytas presents 11 reasons you should buy gold posted at Trend, saying, "People are searching for safe investments. Unfortunately, a lot of them end up holding very risky ones. In present times, investing in gold has become both safe and profitable way to invest your money. Find out the reasons."

Dividends4Life presents This Mega-Cap Tech Stock Increased Its Dividend 75% posted at Dividend Growth Stocks, saying, "Move over Intel (INTC) and Microssoft (MSFT). Two years ago this networking giant didn't even pay a dividend. In April of this year, it increased its dividend 33%. Most investors would be satisifed with that increase, but the company wasn't finished boosting its dividend in 2012..."

Bill Smith presents Google Inc. Trading in a Range posted at FastSwings, saying, "Google’s main business is providing a large database of indexed web pages from across the Internet, the largest database of any other organization."

MikeAhi presents Would Warren Buffett Really Buy Chubb (CB)? posted at After Hours Investing, saying, "The lesson here is simple: beware of the talking heads, and do your own homework. Here's why a recent video of CNBC talking heads is full of hot air."

Living Frugally

Jonathan Milligan presents Why I Love YNAB Personal Finance Software posted at CPACareerCoach.com, saying, "The first step to financial freedom is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Here is how a simple budget software helped me get my finances back on track."

Wallet Hub presents Is it time to Refinance Your Mortgage? posted at Wallet Hub, saying, "We've all heard how mortgage rates are at record lows, but will refinancing actually save you any money? Hint: The answer isn't as straightforward as you might think!"

John K presents Do You Know Your Mortgage Credit Score? posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "So you're applying for a mortgage? Did you know that there is a special credit score used just for that? You better have a good record for paying your utilities on time."


Greg Field presents NerdWallet Interest Rate Monitor: Deposit Accounts that Beat Inflation – August 2012 posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "Here is NerdWallet's review of deposit accounts with interest rates that beat inflation, along with some upcoming predictions. Enjoy"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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