Thursday, April 14, 2016

22 Best Colleges for the Money

 The 22 Best Colleges for Your Money  by Business Insider shares the colleges with the best return based on Payscale's ROI (Return on Investment) methodology.  Number one on the list is the California Institute of Technology.  Number twenty-two is Harvard.

I'm happy to find that alma mater is ninth on the list.  Our daughter, with a tiny bit of  parental influence,  has made it her top choice for now.   However, she is still many years away from college.   And it is much more competitive than when I applied, with acceptance rates now being in the high single digits.

If she should attend, I will be prepared for sticker shock.  Today, the cost is about six times what I paid.  It will probably 7-8 times what I paid by the time she attends.

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