Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brilliance and Market Gains

"A bull market makes everyone look brilliant." ~ Wall Street saying

Right now, I look brilliant.  The investment accounts I personally manage are at all time highs.  I'd like to attribute the results to my personal brilliance, but I know that's not true.   More than likely, our accounts are riding the current rally up like many other stocks.

So while I am enjoying our continuing gains during this rally, I am still cautious.  For now, I am holding most of the positions we have and selling small amounts of some the commission free ETFs.  That way, we can continue to benefit from the rally, while doing a little profit taking.

At this point, I believe this rally will break down below its previous high, making it a bear market rally.  However, since I know I am not brilliant, my conviction on the stock market direction is not particularly high :-)

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