Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Relevant Fable

My boss once told me a fable that described a major issue with our company.  It went something like this:

Our company would traditionally come in last place against two of our competitors in an annual crew race.   After several years, we decided to hire a consultant to determine how to increase our chances of winning.  The consultant studied the three teams for several weeks and came back with the following report.

"Competitor A has average boats, average rowers and an average coach.   However, they work together and win a few races each year.   Competitor B has above average boats, above average rowers and an above average coach.  They practice regularly, work well together, and win almost half their races each year.

Your team has the best boats, best rowers and the best coach.   They practice hard regularly.  However, for some reason when the race starts, they all row in different directions.   Thus, winning no races each year."

We both laughed after my boss told me the fable, because, although exaggerated, had quite of bit of truth to it.

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