Saturday, December 31, 2016

Predicting an Awesome 2017

"It's time to make money again." ~ comment after the election by hedge fund manager who supported Hillary Clinton

I'm looking forward to a great year financially in 2017.    Many investors  believe the new administration will foster a stock market boom (and perhaps bust) in the coming years.   Being invested will result in great returns.

First, I think that the U.S. government will return to support business and economic development instead of being a significant hindering factor, as it has been.   This will lead businesses to invest more, which in turn will grow the economy.

Second, I think U.S. consumer will be more willing to spend due to a better expected economic future.   Personally, we spent more this holiday season than in past years.   Based on traffic I saw around local shopping malls, I think more people spent more than in previous years.

Third, I think the U.S. government will significantly increase infrastructure spending.  Really.  This will bring much needed improvements to the infrastructure and help build economic optimism.

Fourth, the vilification of people who work hard and make significant incomes will end.  It will once again  be OK to make money, even lots of it.

Fifth, a risk-on mentality is returning, because the possibility of high rewards is returning.   This will lead more investment and asset valuation increases.

At this point, I'm not yet ready to go all in.  But I am much more willing to put more funds in stocks and other investments, for the potential of excess returns.

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