Monday, February 04, 2019

Taking Some Profits from Purchases During 2018 Year End Dip

As the market was falling in December, we continued to take additional small positions in our core holdings.  We even made some purchases on December 24, 2018, which was the bottom of the decline.   Many individual stocks purchased on that date are up 30% and index ETFs purchased are up 15%, which would be a good gain for a year.

At this point, it is not clear whether the current advance is a bear market rally or the start/continuation of a bull market.   So I am being cautions and selling the additional small positions that have gains of at least 15%.  I won't be selling all eligible postions at once.  Rather I will be scaling in, to take advantage of the market continuing to rise.

If the market continues to rise, our core holding will benefit and we'll get increase profits from the sales.  If the market peaks and falls in the near term, we will have locked in some proftis and mitigated the decline of our core positions.

Either way, we will have greater profits that if we had not bought during the 2018 year end market dip.

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