Friday, July 24, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Adjustments

"The future is now." ~ George Allen, NFL football coach

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing, it new normal will look different from the normal before the pandemic.  Here's how it will be different:

  • Vacations.   Will plan only a few weeks out.   Will drive and stay at hotels will published safe practices. 
  • Outside entertainment.   Will eat out occasionally, at  restaurants that stay well below capacity.  Avoid bars and theaters. Will continue to use our fitness club pool since safety precautions have been implemented.  Will check crowds at the local amusement park once since we have season passes.  Probably will go skiing at local resort in the winter, since it usually has low crowds on weekdays..
  • Investing.  Focus on preserving capital.   With the uncertainty of COVID-19, market volatility may result in sharp market declines.
  • Enjoy the present.   Do more with family.  Utilize our home entertainment options: pool table, foosball, outdoor fireplace, Netflix, Disney+ and various games. Build skills and take lessons.
Of course, if there is a successful vaccine, we can return the previous normal.  However, I expect a new normal will be more likely.

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