Sunday, July 05, 2020

Market Trend is Up

While I am still skeptical of the current market rally, I admit that I am wrong short term.   The market is definitely going up in the near term.   There is a lot of optimism for a return to pre-Covid19 days.  Til proven otherwise, I am putting my selling on hold and riding the upward wave.

In particular, I will be watching Workhorse (WKHS), which we have owned since 2014.   It dropped as low as 46 cents in 2018 and had 2020 low of $1.37.  Last week it hit an all time intraday high of  $22.90.   Amazing and unbelievable.   I have open sell orders at $30, $50, $99, and $200.  LOL  If they execute, I will know irrational exuberance has taken over the market.

Full disclosure:  We own share of WKHS in our personal account.

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