Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reducing My Work Schedule

After publishing an article every day but one since November 25, 2006, I plan to cut back to three or four posting per week for My Wealth Builder during the next few months. Here are my reasons for doing so:
  • Enjoy this summer. This summer may be the last one before our daughter enters kindergarten. We're still wrestling with the decision on whether to hold her back since her birthday is in the borderline month. If she should enter kindergarten, I'd like to have extra time to spend with her doing fun activities and prepping her for school.

  • Worry free vacations. A daily posting schedule puts an unneeded burden on my vacations, as I try to publish every day even when I'm away. While I have been able meet my obligations to date, I'd like to have vacations where I don't need to think about My Wealth Builder.

  • Put some of my ideas into action. This blog has been helpful for me to think through my personal finances before and after early retirement. Some of the ideas will require significant effort to effectively put them in place. Writing fewer articles will allow me to spend more time bringing the ideas to life.

  • Avoid repeating previous topics. Finally, after publishing 1151 articles to date, it has become more challenging to find new topics on which I have not written. While I think good personal finance principles are timeless, I also don't want to be endlessly covering the same topic. By reducing my work and engaging in other interests, I hopefully will discover new topics and ideas in the area of personal finance.
  • So if you are a regular reader, don't be surprised when you no longer see an article from My Wealth Builder every day. Also, don't be surprised if I miss a whole week once in a while. I won't be missing in action, just slowing down a bit so I can work on other priorities and discover new topics for future postings.

    For more on New Beginnings, check back every Sunday for a new segment.

    This is not financial or blogging advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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    1 comment:

    pfstock said...

    I, for one, will applaud your decision to reduce your publishing schedule! As a fellow PF blogger, I've never tried to keep on a publishing schedule. I tend not to focus on quantity, or even regularity for that matter.

    When I am writing a new post, I like to ask myself if it can still be relevant years later. You've got a great blog, and I think that your best posts are the ones that are not "time-bound."

    Besides, you're retired. Isn't the point of retirement to take the opportunity to enjoy your time without having to adhere to a strict schedule?