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Cavalcade of Risk #76

Welcome to the Cavalcade of Risk #76. As the name indicates, this Carnival is about risk - e.g. insurance, health, financial, and other types. Thank you to all bloggers who submitted an article to this Cavalcade. I enjoyed reading each one of them. While every post submitted was a great article, I only included those I judged primarily related to risk management.

For your convenience, I have grouped the articles into five categories of risk: Insurance, Health, Business, Investment and Personal.

And now on to the Cavalcade ...


  • Nancy Germond, ARM, AIC, ITP presents Managing Contractual Insurance Requirements a Necessity posted at - Risk Management for the 21st Century, commenting that managing contractual insurance requirements for vendors and sub-contractors can be a complex task.

  • Wenchypoo presents *WARNING! WARNING! BOOK DANGER!!* posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "This book unwisely advocates the use of whole life policies as the next ATM--insurance is a RISK TOOL, not a savings account!"

  • Speaking of life insurance, here are some thoughts for those considering a policy. Patrick presents How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? to replace your income should you pass away and FMF presents Seven Life Insurance Mistakes You're Probably Making that one should avoid.

  • Health
  • Cesarean Risks at Colorado Health Insurance Insider highlights the importance of truly informed consent, and points out the ways that women are swayed (manipulated?) towards opting for repeat c-sections in the name of safety, without being truly informed about the risks on both sides of the issue.

  • Jason Shafrin presents Adaptive Partial Drug Approval posted at Healthcare Economist, saying, "Should the FDA move towards a model where drugs are approved quicker, but undergo more intensive post-approval monitoring? The Healthcare Economist weighs in."

  • The Bad and the Ugly of Disease Management ROI and How Al Lewis of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium Wants to Fix It at Disease Management Care Blog offers a better method to analyze if programs are really reducing the incidence of disease and providing claimed savings.

  • David Williams presents Hygienic door handles: the final frontier of bathroom automation? posted at Health Business Blog, saying, "Risk mitigation reaches the bathroom door handle!"

  • Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents DNA vs PAP posted at InsureBlog, saying, "Will replacing traditional PAP smears with a simpler DNA test reduce the risk of cervical cancer? InsureBlog's Henry Stern has the surprising answer."

  • C. Ladsila, writing at the Health Related Fitness blog, discusses a new study casting doubt on the efficacy of BMI (Body Mass Index) as a primary gauge of one's risk of developing heart disease.

  • Business

  • An Immodest Proposal posted at Aaron Rogier makes "a bold suggestion for supplanting that paradigm used to warrant financial markets." Specifically, Aaron believes the current financial crisis may have been prevented if people had rigorously inspected the knowledge used to construct risk models.

  • Andrew Reynolds presents Economic Capital - a common currency of risk posted at Banking and Risk Management in Australia, which discusses how economic capital is used by financial institutions to determine risk.

  • Personal

  • Ask yourself: Do you feel lucky today? at Worker's Comp Insider shares how fears and risks are not necessarily related. Julie Ferguson takes a look at your odds and relative risk of danger - from shark attacks to cardiac events. You might be surprised to learn who the most dangerous person in the world is.

  • While identity theft isn't fatal, it is a fear of many people. Silicon Valley Blogger presents Prevent Identity Theft: Some Credit Report Monitoring Services and Options and Nickel presents How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and E-mail Scams.
  • This concludes the 76th Edition of the Cavalcade of Risk.

    This is not financial or risk management advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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