Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Applying for a Real Job

OK, the impact of the economy on my retirement portfolio is causing me to take some drastic action. Up until now, we've been taking small interventions, such as applying for part time jobs and cutting back on expenses, to enable me to continue with early retirement. The first quarter 2009 update showed almost a 44% decline in our savings since my early retirement in October, 2007. While we did have a margin of safety in our savings, we weren't prepared to cover a permanent 44% drop.

Fortunately, to prepare for such a possibility, I had updated my resume right after taking early retirement. In addition, I took a few classes on returning to the job market, in case I should ever need them. Then last month, I identified a job advertisement that matched my experience and skills, although in a different product category.

This week, I will submit my first application for a full time job since graduating from college. Of course, with this economy, I don't have high expectations for getting offer. However, this will be a first step to getting back in the job market game. And at this point, I am keeping all options open, including reversing my early retirement :-)

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