Friday, April 03, 2009

Part Time Job Rejection Experiences

Since taking early retirement in 2007, I've been considering part time jobs, as a strategy to reduce our savings withdrawal rate during the economic downturn. After applying to and being hired for the first part time job, I've been either been rejected or have heard nothing after making an application. Here's a brief summary of my rejection experience:

Rejection Details

Job DescriptionExperience NeededApplication ProcessStatus
Bank tellerHandling moneyBehavior assessment test, interviewRejection letter received after two weeks
Fast food restaurant crewNoneOn-line application and assessment testNo contact after two months.
Park staff NoneApplication at job fair and interview with supervisorNo contact after two months.
Census bureauPassing a qualification testTook test and scored a 98 (1 wrong answer)No contact after two months.
Kids entertainmentTeaching experienceApplied on-lineInitially contacted for an interview via e-mail and then no further contact.

Being rejected for a job is a new experience for me. Since being in high school, I had only been rejected for two jobs for which I had applied. As a result, I am changing my approach of selectively applying to jobs in which I had some interest in the role or the company, which worked for the first part time job I got. I expect I will need to apply to more part time job opportunities since my job offer success rate fallen to 15% or less. If I should be lucky enough to get multiple offers, then I will be selective again :-)

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