Friday, April 10, 2009

Five Signs of Getting Old

I knew I was getting old when the following events and thoughts were happening to me:

  1. Job applicants were born after I graduated from college. Yes, I felt old when the candidate I was interviewing had a birth date after my graduation year. It made me realize I was potentially as old as the applicant's parent.

  2. I could have never been that the green. Sometimes I can't believe how inexperienced new hires are about the working world. I don't remember ever being that green, but I probably was.

  3. Early thirties seems young. On of my first supervisors was 33 when I started working in his group. He had already been married 10 years and had three kids. He seemed really old to me. Now I think of 33 as being pretty young.

  4. Teenage kids exceed my sports skills. Up until my late thirties, I could still hold my own against college and high school kids in games like rugby, touch football and tennis. Although I haven't tested myself in rugby or football recently, I now regularly lose to high school kids who play on a tennis team.

  5. I'm sore after light physical activity. It used take a game of football or rugby to cause my body to be sore. Nowadays, it seems I'll be noticeably sore after playing a set of tennis, mowing the grass or even trimming tree branches.
Of course, there isn't any way to reverse the natural aging process. However, I have found that by being around young children, I tend to feel much younger than I am :-)

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pfstock said...

I know of two signs of getting old:
1) A loss of memory.
2) ... Ummm, I forgot what it was...

Super Saver said...

I forgot to include that one :-)