Friday, July 15, 2011

Need My Summer Vacation

After two summers of job assignments requiring full time hours, I've concluded that I need to keep my summer commitments very low.   Last summer, I worked several part time jobs, including one that required over 30 hours per week.   I concluded that I didn't want to work jobs that had significant time commitments.
I forgot that conclusion when I took on a short term position with a non-profit.   Now that summer is upon us, I realize that I really need to have the entire summer relatively free, especially since that is when our daughter is off.
So next year,  I plan to maintain the hours on my perfect retirement jobs to no more that 12 hours each a week. This should not be an issue since only two jobs require about 10 hours a week and one requires 2 hours a week. In addition, I will remember to make my hours even lower in the summer. This should be easy since two of the jobs are at zero hours during the summer. Finally, I won't take any job that requires full time hours during the summer.
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