Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Great Father's Day

Sometimes simple things are the best.  Usually for Father's Day, the family goes out for dinner at a fancy restaurant which involves a bit of preparation and planning.  This year, we decided to just have a family day together and it was great.

After church, we were planning to play some tennis as a family, but a thunderstorm delayed the activity.  While waiting, I worked on putting our bathroom back to normal after a room painting, which included rewiring a light that I discovered hadn't been done correctly. (More on the rewiring in a later post.)  Fortunately, the storm was a short one and we were able to play tennis for about an hour.   Then we came home for a snack and a homemade dinner.   After that, we enjoyed a short session in a hot tub.  Then, it was off to bed for our daughter.

Overall, it was one of the best Father's Days that I have had.   Fun, enjoyable and relaxing.  I think I'll be requesting a similar itinerary next year for Father's Day.

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