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Cavalcade of Risk #159 - Early Edition

Welcome to the 159th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk.   This will be My Wealth Builder's ninth time hosting this esteemed Carnival.  Cav editions that were previously hosted by My Wealth Builder include #150 Sesquicentennial Edition, #107, #103 Risk Management with the Stars Edition, #94 Alert Level Edition, #76, #64, #38 and #19 Valentine's Day Edition.

As the name indicates, this Carnival is about risk - e.g. insurance, health, financial, and other types. Thank you to all bloggers who submitted a post to this Cavalcade. I enjoyed reading each one. While every post was a great article, I selected only those primarily related to risk.

Here are the articles of the 159th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk:

Is it better to risk the loss or buy some insurance?  FMF presents Insurance You Need and Don't Need posted at Free Money Finance, saying, "The Wall Street Journal lists insurance you don't need, some you might consider, and policies you must have. The list begins with the types of insurance you can skip."

Sometimes it may be better to accept the risk of loss.  Teacher Man offers his opinion on Is the Extended Warranty Worth It? at My University Money, saying, "What you are being sold using catchy terms like “layers of protection” is an extended warranty. These products differ widely in what they cover, but the basic idea is that for a yearly fee, the place where you are buying the product will fix your purchase if it breaks or malfunctions. As with most financial products, the devil in the details, but the vast majority of the time, you should politely decline the offer."

Here's a profession where insurance may be very important.  What if your daily commute to get to your workspace entailed climbing 1500 foot towers – sounds like something you might want to be trained for, right? At Workers’ Comp Insider , Julie Ferguson talks about the risks involved in working for the fast-growth, high pressure cell tower industry in The high price for fast phones: Cell tower deaths

But what about when you can't get insurance you need and want? Jeff Rose presents Declined Life Insurance - Now What? posted at Life Insurance By Jeff, saying "Have you thought that you were super fit and that you would get approved instantly only to have a curve ball thrown at you to realize either something came back on your medical exam or you found out that you’re uninsurable? If this is the case I want to give you a few tips on how you can get approve for life insurance even if you’ve been declined."

Even when there is insurance, getting back to normal is a challenge. In Getting Your Life Back in Order After a Fire Or Other Disaster Roger at The Amateur Financier learns that having insurance is only one part of recovering from a disaster.  He offers  a guide to how you can recover from (and prepare for) fires or other disasters, minimizing the trouble that they cause in your life."

Surprise, health care insurance costs are going up. Jason Shafrin presents Healthcare Costs to Rise by over 7 percent in 2013 posted at Healthcare Economist, saying "The Healthcare Economist reviews the latest trends in health insurance premiums."

Here is one government solution to reduce health care costs. Louise presents Colorado Governor Committed To Improving the Health of Colorado Residents posted at Colorado Health Insurance Insider, saying " "Hickenlooper addressed an international conference of wellness experts yesterday in Aspen, and said that although he has concerns about the downsides of becoming a “nanny state”, he believes we need to take some significant measures in order to improve the overall health of the Colorado population – if for no other reason than the significant economic impact of poor health and obesity. Even though Colorado is still the leanest state in the US, the percentage of obese adults has been steadily increasing over the past two decades, and it climbed above 20% last year for the first time."

Perhaps, this is another government solution :-). Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Helmets? We don't need no steenkin' helmets! posted at InsureBlog, saying "Motorcycle riding is inherently risky to begin with, but what about going bare-headed? InsureBlog has the latest on a new Michigan law that seems to encourage that."

This concludes this edition of the Cavalcade of Risk.  The 160th edition will be hosted by Jay Norris at Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

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H G Stern said...

As usual, a TERRIFIC job! Short, sweet and relevant.

Thanks for hosting this week!!

Hank Stern

Roger, the Amateur Financier said...

Thanks very much for the inclusion, and for the thoughts on my post; it's nice to know that others appreciate what I tried to share about getting ready for emergencies or other problems.