Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Job(s)

"How did I ever have time to work?" ~ retiree observation

No, I'm not unretiring again.   At this point, I am still not doing any paying jobs.  For now, I've decided to put focused effort on DIY home projects that have been on hold.   So here are the "jobs" I am doing for my own benefit.

  • Electrician.   There are several electrical maintenance projects that have needed my attention.  So far, I've changed out a non-working GFCI outlet, changed out three ceiling lights with deteriorating wire insulation, covered a junction box (code violation)  and installed a GFCI near a wet bar (code requirement).   I still have three more ceiling light fixtures to change (one deteriorating wire insulation, and 2 code compliance for  closets).    In addition, I want to do a complete mapping of electrical circuits in our house.

    For reference, I took a introductory electrician's course when I retired, so I have basic training.

  • Plumber.   A few heads in our sprinkler system need adjustment or replacement.  Fortunately, a commercial distributor is nearby and I can get technical advice and wholesale prices for the parts.  I may also need to repair a couple outdoor spigots since there is some some rattling, indicating a washer needs tightening. In addition, I will probably need recaulk the shower and tub in the master bath.

    I also took an introductory plumbing course when I retired.   I am confident at most everything, except soldering copper pipe.

  • Appliance Repair.  During  May, I was fighting leaks in a dishwasher.   After a couple experiments, I determined the issue was the tub gasket.   I ordered the part from a online parts distributor, replaced it in 15 minutes and solved the problems.    

  • Mason.   Some of the bricks bordering our walkway and patio have loose or broken mortar and require remortaring.   This will be a several day job.

    I also took a introductory masonry course when I retired.  I wouldn't build something from scratch, but feel very confident repairing existing brickwork.

  • Tiler.  One entryway has a slate tile floor and the grout has been breaking apart.  I've repaired this before and will try again to make it more permanent.   I have no formal training in this area, but have tiled a bathroom before durng a remodel.

  • Painter.   My spouse would like to update the colors in some of the rooms.  I'm not a particularly good painter, but will be helping out in this area.   Also, some of the outdoor wood surfaces and window sills need some repainting.   Again no formal training, and it shows :-)

  • Pruner.   As are trees age and grow larger,  branches need to be cut back and the tree needs to be shaped.  I can had the smaller ornamental trees and trees under twenty feet in height.  However, I will need hire professional to prune the larger trees.

    I took a landscaping course after retiring and have basic training in maintenance and design.   I have more confidence in my maintenance capabilities.

  • These jobs will definitely keep me busy all of the summer and part way into the fall.  I don't think I will have any time to work at a paying job for quite a while.  I'll check back in September to seem how many really get done:-)

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