Friday, December 14, 2012

Creating a Great Salad

When I retired, I took a gourmet cooking class and learned the three key elements of creating a good salad
  1. Texture.  Lettuce leaves should be torn into bite size pieces and other ingredients should be chopped or minced. 
  2. Variety.  A salad should have multiple complementary flavors.  In addition to other vegetables and salad dressing, nuts, fruits, cheeses and meats are good ways to variety.
  3. Mixing.   The salad ingredients should be mixed with a salad dressing and tossed.  This will create a homogeneous mixture off the ingredients.
I used to eat salad by putting a lettuce in a bowl and adding some salad dressing.  No wonder, I didn't like eating the salads I made.   Since using the technique I described above, I am able to eat a salad as my main course five or more times a week.

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