Thursday, December 06, 2012

Completed State Quarter Collection

One of my bonding activities with our daughter is coin collecting.   We've been doing coin roll hunting and collecting quarters (regular, state and national parks) and pennies.

Yesterday, we found the last coin needed to complete our state quarter collection. We now have all 100 quarters: 50 states each from the Philadelphia and Denver mints.  We've been looking for the last coin for about six months.  It's not particularly rare.  It was just rare for us:-)

While looking for state quarters, we've found several of the National Park quarters from the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.   So, we've started a new collection.  This one will be harder to complete since the mintage is only 70 million per design versus an average of 695 million (lowest 416 million) for the state quarters.  In addition, fewer of the new quarters are going into circulation due to a lower need for coins during the recession.

Also, we will be starting to do some coin roll hunting.  Now that I've found nearby banks with free coin counters, it will be easier to return coins that have been searched.

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