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The Wealth Builder Carnival #105

Welcome to the one hundred fifth edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival. The purpose of this carnival is to collect articles from the blogosphere on building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. For reference, I have tried to keep the carnival content tightly focused on wealth building and did not include submissions that were off topic. For reading convenience, the posts are listed with a brief summary or comment by the submitter and organized into seven categories: Earning, Insuring and Protecting, Investing, Living Frugally, Retiring, Saving and Taxes.

And now on to the Carnival.


Russ Egan presents How to Increase Your Engineering Salary posted at Chemical Engineering Guide, saying, "5 key ideas to increase salary and earnings for engineers"

Kerin Gedge presents Pimp My Hundred Bucks - Part Ten posted at Kerinthian's, saying, "Ten weeks ago I set myself the challenge of turning $100 into $500, here is the continuing saga of my "success"..."

Moyo presents How Do You Get Rich? 5 Myths That Hinder YouMoyo Mamora #BeInspired posted at Moyomamora- Inspiration, Motivation & Challenge to Exceed Higher Goals In Christ, saying, "This article explores some of the mental hindrances to creating wealth"

Vytas presents How to make money trading posted at Trend, saying, "How to make money trading? I guess all of us who got fascinated by the fact that one can live trading securities asked ourselves and others the question. It sometimes seems that making profits in financial markets has become a phenomenon of ‘Loch Ness monster’ – everybody has heard about it, but who has really seen it. In the same fashion you have heard that it is possible to make money trading, but have not heard who has done it."

Insuring and Protecting

Liana Arnold presents Do You Know What’s On Your Specialty Credit Reports? posted at CardHub.com, saying, "So you thought FICO scores and social influence were the only factors in underwriting decisions? Think again! Undisclosed information you wouldn't have thought about is provided by specialty reporting agencies to these financial decision makers."

Louis presents Credit Reporting Agencies | Wallet Hub Education Center posted at Wallet Hub, saying, "Perhaps by now you are aware that there are numerous alternative credit reporting agencies. But do you know who they are and what they report? Take a look at some of the companies whose information is influential where financial decisions concerning consumers are concerned."


harry campbell presents What to Look for in an Online Brokerage posted at Your Personal Finance Pro - Personal Financial Advice for Young Professionals, saying, "We’ve all seen the commercials for online brokerages; one has a green line, another wants you to talk to someone named Chuck, and still others have celebrity pitchmen telling you to take control of your financial future with their platform. They’re all members of the multi-billion dollar online brokerage industry. Up until the last few decades, if you wanted to invest in the stock market, you had to go through a high priced broker that might charge you several hundred dollars."

Dividends4Life presents This Dividend Stock Traces Its Origin Back To Oldsmobile posted at Dividend Growth Stocks, saying, "This company's origins are with auto manufacturer Ransom E. Olds, who founded Olds Motor Vehicle Company in 1897. Later, the company was known as Oldsmobile and would become part of General Motors (GM). Having left his company years before it was acquired by GM, Olds established a new company..."

John Schmoll presents Why Rebalancing Your Portfolio is Like Buying a Carton of Eggs posted at Frugal Rules, saying, "Portfolios, much like eggs can be damaged for numerous reasons. You also want to make sure you have a well balanced portfolio, just like you want a well-balanced diet. Part of a balanced portfolio is rebalancing it annually to make sure you have the best allocation possible."

Living Frugally

Super Saver presents Little Fixes, Big Difference posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, "I choose Do-It-Yourself repair for two reasons: to save money and to learn about how things work, since I'm pretty good at taking things apart and getting them back together 99% of the time."

Savvy Scot presents SALLTYE – Spend A Lot Less Than You Earn posted at Savvy Scot, saying, "A GREAT point from The Savvy Scot this week; SALLTYE - Spend A Lot Less Than You Earn.. And Here's why"

Emily presents I Wish We Could Buy a House posted at Evolving Personal Finance, saying, "A bunch of reasons why I want to buy a house… and more why I don't."

kurt@mymoneycounselor.com presents How Rich People Go Broke posted at Money Counselor, saying, "Like me, are you mystified when you hear a news report of some formerly rich person filing for bankruptcy because he or she is now broke? How could that happen? Well, it turns out that the simple bad habits that can get you and me into money trouble have the same affect on the wealthy. They're just operating on a different level."


Timothy Mobley presents 7 Threats To Your Retirement When All You Have Is a 401K Plan posted at Timothy Mobley's Blog, saying, "An article about the threats to retirement in the current environment when most people only rely on defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans barely exist."

John presents Will Coming Face to Face with Your Future Self Help You Plan for Retirement? posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "Snap a picture, take a peek into the future, and give some much-needed attention to your 401-k, IRA, and stock portfolio."


Jeff - Middle Class Money presents Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff posted at Middle Class Money, saying, "The Fiscal Cliff is coming, are you prepared? We'll take you through the fiscal cliff and tell you how you can protect yourself."
That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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