Saturday, December 08, 2012

No Fiscal Cliff Solution, No Vacation

During my career, I participated in solving several business crises.   It was an all hands on deck situation.   I was working 70 - 80 hours a week, including weekends and adjusted my personal schedule.  I've worked on holidays and cancelled vacations when the business was in crisis.

Compare that to government.   The fiscal cliff and sequestration is a major crisis.   Yet, Congress still took off for the Thanksgiving holiday.    If the fiscal cliff and sequestration is still a crisis at the end of December, I would want Congress to cancel recess and vacations to work on solving the issue.

However, I suspect they won't.   Congress and the President will likely take their normally scheduled recess and vacations, as if there were no crisis at all.

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Kurt @ Money Counselor said...

The difference is that the fiscal cliff solution isn't about hard work, but rather about political will. No matter how much time these folks have to work on a solution, if one comes it'll be at the last minute--or probably a few days or weeks after the last minute.

K. W. Callahan said...

Right on!