Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Carnivals I Will Be Reading This Week

Here are the Carnivals that I will be reading this week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #83 is presented by Young and Broke.There were over 70 excellent posts in this Carnival. It was difficult to narrow down the choices to only two Carnival picks. In my first Carnival pick, FMF explains the biggest barrier to becoming wealthy at Free Money Finance. Hint: It's not how much one makes, it's how the money is being used. For the second Carnival pick, No Credit Needed shares his 2007 goals. NCN has a challenging goal of saving 60% of his gross income for 2007. Wow!
The Carnival of Family Life #37 is posted at More4kids.My Carnival pick is Walking In A Winter Wonderland For $1,300 posted at The Digerati Life, which shows a frugal winter vacation alternative to Disneyland that was great fun also.
The Festival of Frugality #57 is hosted at FIRE Finance.My Carnival pick is Top 25 Personal Finance Myths posted at Your Credit Advisor, which shares common misconceptions people may have about money, investments, debt, and wealth.

I hope you enjoy reading these Carnivals and finding tips you can use. Check back every Tuesday for the Ideas You Can Use segment.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for featuring my story! It's nice to see someone else in finance looking into the Carnival of Family Life. It's become one of my favorite carnivals as well!