Saturday, March 10, 2007

Carnival Round Up For The Week #4

Here are the Carnivals from this past week that I am reading :

The Carnival of Personal Finance #90 is hosted by Mapgirl's Fiscal ChallengeMy Carnival choice is $5k Crunch presented by InsureBlog, which shares the numbers on how everyone CAN afford mandatory health insurance, no matter what their income. Given that a health catastrophe can be major wealth destroyer, I agree. I would not take risk of not being insured.
Towards Better Life #6 is hosted by Toward Better Life.My Carnival pick is When Not to Buy a House posted at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog, which list five reasons when one should avoid thinking about buying a house. I absolutely agree with him, especially his point about needing an "exotic mortgage."
The Carnival of Money Stories #6 is hosted by Money, Matter and More Musings.My Carnival choice is Timeshares: Should we buy one? at It’s Just Money. A great story that illustrates my opinion about buying a timeshare - The best deal one gets is in the sales presentation - i.e. the free dinner, gift or lodging. For me, "no" is the right answer on whether to buy.
The Carnival of Taxes #13 is hosted by Gina's Tax Articles.

My Carnival pick is Money Monday: Choosing A Tax Professional Is No Longer a Coin Flip by Queercents. This article is an excellent, comprehensive and informative post on how to choose and evaluate a tax professional. I would add, "Get a referral from a financially savvy colleague or friend who has worked with a good tax professional."

The Festival of Under 30 Finances is hosted by Money $mart Life.

My Festival choice is Ouch: Experiencing Volatility posted at An English Major’s Money. Stock market investing is always fun in a rising market. In today's choppy markets, volatility and stomach wrenching drops are the norm. While I don't like it, I believe the latter situation is what one needs to expect for the next few years.

I hope you enjoy reading these Carnivals and finding tips you can use.

Check back on Saturday for the next Reflections and Musings segment.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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