Sunday, March 04, 2007

Q1 2007 Stock Purchases Update - Closed All Positions

This week the market got ugly and I got out. In addition, my stock picking system had sell signals for Biogen and Apple, leaving only Avnet and Coach as buys. I sold all of the positions I had purchased in the first quarter of 2007 for my personal account. Next week, I want to confirm the direction the market. I will be looking for the market to clearly reach a bottom and resume rising before making any new stock purchases.

Here's how my Q1 2007 purchases performed:

(Sell Date)



Purchase Price

Sell Price



Avnet (2/27/07)AVT200$26.115$35.54$1,885.66


Coach (3/2/07)COH50$44.01$47.81$190.50


Biogen Idec (3/2/07)BIIB50$51.14$44.35$339.47


Genlyte (3/2/07)GLYT50$76.5$69.93



The overall gain is $1,407.75 and return of 10.2% on a total investment of $13,805.50, excluding commissions. Long term, I am still bullish as I think corporate earnings will continue to be strong this quarter. At this time, I believe the market may have a correction that could last a couple months. Therefore, I have sold all of my Q1 stock purchases, plus Apple, which I had owned since 2006.

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George said...

Thanks for sharing your trades. I hope you don't end up regretting selling so quickly in such an emotional market.