Saturday, March 24, 2007

Carnival Round Up For The Week #6

Here are the Carnivals from this past week that I am reading :

The Carnival of Personal Finance #92 is organized by Lazy Man and His Money.

My Carnival choice is Million Dollar Kids - Give me a break by My Financial Journey, which provides commentary on the Yahoo! Finance article on the costs of raising children. I was planning to comment on the Yahoo! article, which puts the high end of raising a child through 17 at $1.6 million, but hadn't done so yet.

$100,000 per year to raise a child. Hmm.... we don't even spend that much for our entire family today. The parents of the million dollar children are purchasing lots of items that are not in my set of things to buy:-)

The Carnival of Taxes #14 is hosted by Don't Mess With Taxes.

My Carnival pick is by Tax Tips for eBay Sellers which asks and then answers the question, What taxes are you responsible for as an eBay seller?. The answer is sales, payroll and income taxes.

Given the additional burden of tax filing work, it doesn't seem to me it's worth the effort to buy something for $10 to sell for $20 on eBay. I'm also willing to bet the majority of eBay sellers may not be complying with these tax liabilities:-)

The Carnival of Family Life #46 is at Digital Rich Daily.

My Carnival selection is Should Parents Pay For Children's Colleges? posted at Getting To Graduation, which proposes that parents should target for paying 1/2 of the costs, with paying 100% being the exception.

This discussion has been going on in the blogosphere for quite a while, with many good points on both sides. Personally, I plan to pay for a 100%, and am acting against that plan. Of course, I may have to pay less that 100% when the time comes, or choose a less expensive school.

The Festival of Under 30 Finances is hosted by Money Crashers.

My Festival pick is Talking Dollars: The 100 Most Famous Quotes About Finance by Debt Consolidation News, which lists 100 quotes on personal and other types of finances.

Overall, I like the list of quotes and will use some of them as introductions to future posts. One I especially liked is by Andrew Mellon, "Gentleman prefer bonds." Surely, this is a topic for a future post:-)

The Carnival of Personal Development is presented by The Carnival of Personal Development.

My Carnival choice is Our Lives Tick Off One Second At A Time posted at Enhance Life, which points out that we should appreciate every moment of our lives and the time with those we care about. Well said.

My dad once said, "Funny thing about life, no one knows what's going happen tomorrow." To this point, I plan my financial security conservatively to last until my 90s and I interact positively with those close to me in the event it is the last time we see each other.

I hope you enjoy reading these Carnivals and finding ideas you can use.

Check back on Saturday for the next Reflections and Musings segment.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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