Friday, August 17, 2007

Signs Of Being Considered For Promotion

In my experience, there were several signs when I was being considered for promotion. In each case, after these "criteria" were met, I was promoted to the next level. Here are my three signs:

Consistently did the job at the next level. Prior to my first promotion, I had consistently doing the job at the next level for over a year. 90% of my work was generally done by the level above me. I was authorized to sign documents typically done by a person one level up. I was representing our company externally in arbitration (usually done by one to two levels higher). I created and led the global team in my area of responsibility, and half the members were one level above me. Also, I was expected to represent the projects in my area to in presentations to the General Manager.

Turned "average" projects into a superior business result. I still remember the day my department manager called me into her office and said, "Our General Manager has asked that we staff this project again. We've decided to do it and think you would be the best candidate. Let us know if you are interested." Even though it was not a glamorous assignment, I immediately agreed. Over the next two years, the work we did made several projects into top priority areas for our General Manager.

Interaction with upper management became more frequent. Before my last promotion, my General Manager was periodically calling me directly for perspective on my project and to provide his input. My memos, summaries and updates were often circulated among the senior managers in my organization.

For perspective, to get a promotion doesn't mean one needs to get more face time with upper management. On the contrary, upper management wants more face time with the candidate because of the excellent results being delivered by the person. Also, these three signs do not guarantee a promotion. A promotion won't happen until those making the decision have confidence the candidate can do the work at the next level.

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