Monday, August 27, 2007

8/27/07 Stock Purchase Update - Return to Positive Gains

In my 8/20/07 stock purchase update, I wrote about how my stock buy selections of Terex (TEX), Potash (POT), Shaw Communications (SJR) and Avnet (AVT) were performing. In that update, the portfolio was down $94 for a 0.5% loss, from a peak of $2310 and 13.2% on 7/23/07. Although delayed, a reversal predicted in New Life For The Bull Market seems to have started. As of 8/25/07, the portfolio is now up $1075 for a 6.1% gain. Here's the current status on the positions in these four stocks:

My Wealth Builder Buy List
StockSharesPurchase Price

Current Price

Terex (TEX)50



Potash (POT)50



Shaw Communications B (SJR)100*



Avnet (AVT)200



* 2 for 1 split on 8/3/07

Overall, I am still happy with the performance of these four stocks, given that the overall decline of the market. Since the last update, TEX and POT increased significantly, while AVT and SJR were up slightly.

I continue to be impressed with my ability to stay invested in these stocks, in spite of the market volatility. In the past, I would have closed out the entire position with this level of volatility. Given the performance of the portfolio, I am glad I held my positions instead of allowing myself to be whipsawed by the market each week. However, the recent events (credit crunch, central bank interventions) have convinced me that the bull market is in its last stage, and I will consider closing out these positions during the next significant rally.

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Anonymous said...

Did you survive the selloff yesterday? 280 points came out of nowhere. The market doesn't make any sense sometimes.

Super Saver said...

@ Jorge,

The portfolio was down 5% yesterday and up 2% today. I am starting to get use to these large swings :-)