Saturday, May 03, 2008

Advertising Mind Tricks

Advertising is excellent at changing points of view by appealing to a different part of a purchaser's mind. By positioning a product in a new way, advertising can sometimes get a person to buy something they didn't previously consider. Here are some of the mind tricks that cause me to think past the advertising before buying:
  • Associate the product with a term that connotes goodness. "Organic" has become one of those terms. It seems everything is becoming organic. Recently, I saw a promotion of "organic" toaster pastries at a local store. I guess the new product is designed to make me feel healthier when eating toaster pastries:-)

  • Make a previously irrelevant characteristic be a benefit. Now that the type of fat is important, "no trans fat" is being advertised for many food products, even if they never had it. I try make sure to think whether I want the food in the first place:-)

  • Focus on a desired future state. Less weight, better health, or an improved lifestyle are all appealing. Since a vision is energizing, it's sometimes easier be excited about the end state, and not remember all of the hard work needed to do it.
  • Although I am not immune to advertising, I am not yet compelled to buying organic, no trans fat foods that will improve my health. Perhaps I might consider the product if it would help me lose weight:-)

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    muskie said...

    I'd be interested in knowing just how many AdSense clicks you get on a post like this, encouraging people to look past advertisements. lol ;)