Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why I'd Like To Fire Most Of Congress

To me, most of them are irresponsible spenders of my tax dollars. The recently passed $307 billion farm bill is just one more example. It contains $43 billion in crop subsidies and $27 billion for farmers to "set aside or protect environmentally sensitive land," according to an AP article.

In today's market, there doesn't seem to be any need to subsidize farming. Many grain prices are at or near all time highs and yet Congress continues to subsidize crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans and rice. With high prices and a global food shortage, I also don't understand the need to pay farmer to idle land. However, the farm bill passed with more than two thirds of the House (308 - 116) and Senate (81-15).

As for the Presidential candidates, USA Today reported the following:

"Although neither senator showed up for Thursday's vote, McCain went to Iowa, the heart of farm country, this month to announce his opposition to the bill. On Thursday, he called it 'a bloated piece of legislation that will do more harm than good for most farmers and consumers.'

Obama came out in favor of the farm bill Thursday after failing to vote on a previous version when it passed in November.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama's Democratic opponent, has supported the farm bill without reservation."

Two of the three would be on my list to fire.

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Anonymous said...

You are missing the point about setting aside land for conservation. It is indeed important and critical to do so in many cases.