Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tips To Increase Gas Mileage And Reduce Stress

With gas prices as high as $3.69 in my area, I've been considering hypermiling as technique of increasing gas mileage through various methods that reduce engine work while driving. While extreme hypermiling may include methods with potential safety concerns , there are many techniques that are safe and effective to use. Here are the ones I plan to use:

Accelerate slower. I usually accelerate to the speed limit quickly. However, this causes the engine to work harder. By accelerating slower, I can reduce the amount of gas used by the engine.

Coast when a stop is likely. I often continue to step on the gas pedal until it is necessary to use the brake. By taking my foot off the gas pedal earlier, the car slows down and I save gas. A corollary to this is to coast when going down hill.

Drive at 55 MPH on the highway. Higher speeds are less gas efficient. For local destinations, driving faster only saves 5 minutes or less.

Use cruise control. This keeps speed constant, avoids speed creep, and reduces gas usage according to Edmunds.com's research.

While I haven't gone through my first tank yet, I've already noticed a change in my driving attitude when using hypermiling techniques. I'm more relaxed and less rushed when driving to reduce gas usage. Even if I don't get many more miles per gallon, I already have a benefit.

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Dorky Dad said...

I've recently started hypermiling as well, and two other techniques I'm using are removing unnecessary weight (tools in the trunk) and slightly overinflating my tires. I'm not talking about filling a tire rated 35 psi to 70 psi, but I have taken mine to 40 psi and check this regularly.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a change in my driving attitude as well. I'm constantly in stop and go traffic when commuting to work and now making a conscious effort to accelerate slower.