Sunday, August 31, 2008

Continuing Education

As part of my decompression in retirement, I've decided to take a few continuing education courses at a local vocational school. The focus is primarily on interest areas that could lead to a next phase job opportunity. Here are the courses of study that I plan to take this school year:
  • Starting a business. I've been a "corporate guy" for my entire working career, and thus have had a company doing most of the back office work for me. In presentations by a business banker and a business broker, both implied that corporate guys were sometimes naïve about basics of owning and running a business. So I'm getting myself educated, or at least a bit less naïve.

  • Home repair and improvement. I believe the next couple years may be a good time to invest in real estate. To improve my skills for selecting good deals, I am taking courses in electrical wiring, plumbing, masonry, interior decorating, and landscaping. In addition, I may take a course to get a real estate license.

  • Environmentally related. Recently, we've been buying organic foods since my spouse is sensitive to pesticides. As an engineer, I am always interested in technology solutions to energy issues. Although I am not particularly environmentally conscious, I'm taking a course on organic home gardening and solar energy for the home, to learn how I can implement these ideas.

  • Chinese. I'm convinced China is the next region of long term sustained economic growth. I fully expect that my daughter will spend a major part of her career in China. I want to be prepared if that happens.

  • Miscellaneous. I had to take some courses that sounded cool for being ideal retirement jobs - Travel and Tourism, and Gourmet Cooking. It likely they sound better than reality. However, it doesn't hurt to take a course to find out.
  • I have a full load of courses. Starting this week, I will be going to classes every evening from Monday to Thursday until next summer. While I hope to find a next phase career from these courses, I know I will enjoy taking these courses whatever the outcome.

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