Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do You Know a Millionaire?

The answer is probably yes for those living in North America and Europe.

The World Wealth Report, by Capgemni for Merrill Lynch, is about individuals with a net worth of at least $1 million in assets, not including a primary residence. Using information from this report, Wikipedia summarized the number of millionaires in the following table.

Individuals with more than $1 million in 2006
North America3,000,0000.62%
Latin America400,0000.07%
Middle East300,000N/A

Based on this table, North America has the highest ratio of millionaires with 1 out of 16o people being a one. Europe has the second highest ratio with 1 out of 240 being a millionaire. So if you live in one of these regions, you've probably met a millionaire.

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1 comment:

TimH said...

Without the actual percentage for the Middle East, this table is useless -- specifically because we all would expect that all of our gas money should be enriching those folks and thus creating a number of millionares.