Tuesday, August 26, 2008

De-Accumulation Bonus

In Sorting a Lifetime of Accumulation, I wrote how cleaning out my parents' house had given me motivation to eliminate my own saved documentation and to complete started projects. Upon returning home, I began working on my work areas and the guest bedroom.

While reducing accumulation was great, there were were a few unexpected benefits from the effort:
  • Missing items found. In the past few months, we have been looking for items that we hadn't seen for a year or two. Examples included an autographed picture and some jewelry. These were found during the initial clean up process. I hope to find a lost book and childhood pictures as I continue.

  • Old hobbies re-discovered. I collected stamps and coins as a child, but had stopped in my twenties. I found the various of parts of my collections, including elements that my dad had given me. Since I am not actively collecting any more, I am considering selling the stamp collection, or using the stamps for postage, if there is no value over face. At this point, I will keep the coin collection.

  • Forgotten items found. I used to buy things expecting to use them later on. Some examples are model airplane kits, magic tricks, camping supplies and books. As I've been cleaning out areas, I've been running into many items that I have been saving for the future. In some cases, I will give away the items. In others, I will take the effort to use the items.

  • Since I am de-accumulating my own belongings, I don't expect to re-discover anything of major value, even when we sell some items. However, I expect to enjoy reminiscing about the missing or forgotten items and my old childhood hobbies.

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